About that DuckTales Party. . .

About that DuckTales Party. . .

Ok – the DuckTales party. . . .   am I the only mom whose children delight in coming up with BIZARRE birthday party themes and then refuse to change their minds? I was so thrilled when my oldest wanted a Charlie Brown Ice Skating theme party. Done and done, honey. Little skating rink rental, cake, and cute goodie bags. (Ok – I may have gone overboard with the goodie bags.) I mean, one small trip to Etsy and you have chapstick labels, little mittens, Snoopy and Woodstock crayons, tissues, Peanuts cotton candy, hot chocolate packet labels all in a little personalized bag. They were sooooo cute! I couldn’t help myself. 

Ok, where was I?

Well, the same child who wanted that one, easy, party has quite the track record for wanting not-so-easily executed parties. She also wanted a Winnie-the-Pooh/Ballet party, an English Riding themed party, and, recently, a Chronicles of Narnia themed party (which, I have to admit, turned out amazing). So, I wasn’t totally surprised when she requested a DuckTales theme for her tenth birthday. Although I, rather naively, thought, oh it’s popular again. There's new show out. I’m sure there are paper plates and other party décor on the internet. Of course we can do it! Um, no. There isn’t. Gulp. There is nothing on the interweb that's helpful at all.

So after some panicky time on Etsy and Pinterest. I started looking at a local bounce house site, on the off chance that there would be a DuckTales themed bounce house. I would even accept a very old Donald Duck one at this point.

And then I saw the inflatable vault. What's more Scrooge McDuck than a vault? The party started to take shape from there.

The vault is one of those crazy things you've probably seen on tv where one person gets zipped inside it and then you turn it on and it that blows pretend money all over the place. We had the kids get in one at a time and they had, I think 30 or 60 seconds, to catch all the money they could. It's a lot harder than it looks! Then, they had to add up what they caught to make it fair for the younger kids who were playing too. It worked! One of the prize winners was my little four-year-old nephew who caught a few big bills!

After finding the vault, the party pretty much planned itself. I called our favorite kids' party caterer for help. I asked for a sandwich platter, maybe some wraps, crudite, easy stuff. Did I mention my daughter's birthday falls right after New Years? I'm usually over everything by the time this rolls around and am in the throes of planning it during Christmas and Hanukkah. And I own a toy store. So I delegate a lot. 

Well, boy did he deliver!!! He came in with wrap sandwiches, wrapped in green spinach tortillas with a bank wrapper around it to make it look like money. There were little nut butter and jelly sandwiches dusted to look like coins. And he brought fruit, cheese and crackers on platters with figurines and coins. The absolute cutest and it didn’t break the bank! (If you’re in LA and you need this caterer’s info, let me know.)

Then I went on Etsy and had some person who makes custom money make fake bills with my daughter’s face on it and I put it in goodie bags with a little DuckTales book I found online and a small tin of Crazy Aaron’s gold putty. Done.


Since it was a tenth birthday party, we hired a DJ who had the kids playing all kinds of crazy games – races, freeze dance – he was great!

And Blue Cupcake, always, always, always makes the greatest cakes ever. I honestly just email and say, can you do this theme? I let her know how many kids, how many adults and what flavors. She does all the design stuff and I am surprised every time by a gorgeous creation. I wish I trusted all my vendors like these two!

The party I worried over, all of November/December, turned out to be a ton of fun. My daughter has about 60 kids in her grade and they all get invited to her birthdays. They've been in school together for years and we wouldn't know where to trim the list. So these birthdays tend to be huge. But the thing I like best about this style of party is that its pretty easy to scale it down and do the same party for 10 kids. Then again, you could also go absolutely wild with it and have caterers dressed as bank security, get a ball pit with green and gold balls, so you feel like you're diving into the vault, maybe someone dressed as Magica De Spell doing magic tricks. I'm going down a rabbit hole. . . 

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