It’s April! It’s Back to School time! Wait, what?!?

It’s April! It’s Back to School time! Wait, what?!?

Ok – I know not everyone is feeling this. I know there are people who went back on campus last fall and I know there are people who aren’t going back on campus until next fall. All good. I feel like it’s almost how you talk to a new mom. “All of your choices are good. Everything is ok. You’re doing a great job! No one knows your baby better than you.” But seriously though, right now, no one knows your family better than you. You know what’s going to work best for your family and what feels the most comfortable for you. So I’m really just talking about what we’re experiencing here. But I know for a lot of people, especially here in Los Angeles, we all just went back to school!

My kids’ school went back in February, and little by little, they’ve been carefully reopening a bit more. My husband and I were really apprehensive about jumping back in February because our oldest has type 1 diabetes and you keep reading that COVID-19 hits people with diabetes harder. So we’ve been extra careful – to the point where we’ve gotten a few eyerolls from some family – but hey, better safe than sorry, right? Which brings me back to my first point that now, more than ever, is a very much “you do you” time.

So my husband are finally vaccinated and figured that after spring break was a good time to go back. The school had been doing a great job and we’re feeling more confident about it. And let me tell you. . .   OMG is it nice to not have someone coming in and saying they’re hungry. All. Day. Long. Seriously – how do kids eat so much and so often. I started getting some fun school snacks during spring break and had to hide them all like Christmas gifts to make sure we still had them for when school started.

It was weird to be packing backpacks again and ordering rulers, post-its and index cards. But I have reclaimed part of my house again. I no longer must have “school” areas – and that has been a huge blessing.

The girls were NOT excited to return to campus. Which I am choosing to see as flattering. They loved having me make breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. They loved all being together as a family. I think, at least for my family, we’re going to look back at this as a time when we really spent the most family time together and we will cherish it. We worked hard to make it special and memorable. And I’m glad the kids are missing it.

The girls were definitely feeling a few butterflies though about going back. Especially my second grader. So, I have been reminding her, you do a great job keeping your mask on and washing your hands and using hand sanitizer when you can’t wash your hands. You’re going to be great!

And so far, things have been pretty great! I mean, one week in we’re great. But hey, a win is a win! And if your friends aren’t in the same place as you, just support them. Don’t question them, just tell them what’s working for you and how it’s going and leave it at that.

Some resources I found helpful:

Child Mind Institute

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