It's Butterfly Season!

It's Butterfly Season!

It’s that time of year again! It’s butterfly season!

I’ve done this most years with my kids since I first had a group come from Kidspace to visit our Girl Scout troop to do the Bugs badge with the Daisies. They really brought the coolest activities for the girls to do. They talked about what adaptations bugs have developed to survive in their environment. They brought crazy glasses for the kids to try on to show them how bugs see. And they made coffee filter butterflies which was pretty much the cutest little thing! I found some great directions if you want to try this craft at home:

Then they got to make butterfly habitats in shoe boxes. Each girl made one and got a caterpillar to take home in a little jar complete with food in it for the caterpillar to eat while it got ready for its transformation. The instructors talked about how they would hang from the top in the shape of a J when they were ready to start their cocoon and how long they would be like that before they came out of their cocoon as a beautiful monarch butterfly.

We brought ours home and proudly watched as two little caterpillars turned into fat cocoons and then butterflies. So, of course, every spring now, this is a thing in my house. They love it – even though they shriek and squeal when we release them in the yard and claim they hope they don’t touch them. My girls are not into bugs.

Another fun tradition we have in our scout troop is the annual release of ladybugs. We buy several pints of ladybugs from our local Armstrong Garden Center and then release them in the rose bushes. I always joke that it’s the scariest day of my year, driving those things to school. You can hear them crawling around in there. And there are 2,000 per pint container. 2,000. Two thousand! I double bag those little suckers because I don’t know what I would do if 8,000 ladybugs got free in my car. I mean, you pretty much need a new car at that point. . .  But still they are so cute and the girls always start asking each year around this time, if our next troop meeting is the ladybug meeting.

So I was very excited when attending a virtual Toy Fair this year (yes that’s a thing and surprisingly fun!), that there are ladybug habitats! - from the people who make butterfly pavilions! You get 10 ladybug larvae and raise them to adults and release them. SO cute – and only 10 of them, so no chance to having a ladybug mobile! You can find them in our store if you want to feel spring-y and very earth mother-y too!

And definitely go do that butterfly coffee filter craft! I am NOT crafty and it was easy and adorable. And not messy. I’m very opposed to messes. And glitter. And bugs. I’m working on it. . . But you could absolutely put a little magnet on the bag and stick it on the fridge. Or mail one to grandma to put on her fridge!

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