Ladybug to the Rescue!

Ladybug to the Rescue!

So after the Easter Bunny brought us a kid's garden kit - it was time to plant. We already had some tomato plants growing and as I pulled some old arugula out to make a place for the new transplants. . .  I found aphids! Tons of them trying to feast on my tomato plants!! So rude. 

So, normally in the spring we release ladybugs in Girl Scouts with our youngest scouts. It's an easy way for kids who are squeamish around bugs (we're an urban-ish troop) to get to see them up close. But I've never gotten them at my house before. I don't really garden much. I have what you would call a black thumb. Poor plants. 

But this past year, I've gotten on the pandemic garden bandwagon and we've happily had fun things growing in our backyard!

Anyhow, I called my local Armstrong Garden Center to see about getting my usual containers and they said they had sold out in hours!! So I googled to see what I could find in the way of ladybugs and found these on Amazon.

99.9% of them were alive and they've been happily thriving in my little VegTrug (this is the one we have but in the darker wood)

So far they're all thriving and the girls keep "checking on them" every day. Though after allegedly "helping" one that was "limping" find it's way into a flower pot, my kids got in the car and promptly freaked and screamed that there was one on one of them. They screamed like it was a python. Super fun. And I had happily not put the car in drive yet. Needless to say I probably have a really disappointed ladybug in my car. Or maybe not, it could be thriving on some tasty tidbit forgotten under the seat. 

Anyhow, get some ladybugs. It's fun! But maybe not as many as I normally get for Girl Scouts!


On the plus side - when they come in the mail. . .     you don't have a bag like that in your car. I had heart failure every time I went over a speedbump. That's 8,000 ladybugs in that photo. They make noises moving around. It's creepy. And if they escaped in my car, I think you just have to leave it. It's pretty much a ladybug house at that point.

If you do actually want some in your home - we have this. . . 

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