That perfect Easter Basket - is this year, the year?

That perfect Easter Basket - is this year, the year?

This year, conscious of my eldest’s type 1 diabetes, I wanted to try and make an Easter Basket that was light on the candy.

Years ago, at my bridal shower, someone had given me an egg themed basket. I thought it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. I gushed over it. It was so sweet and so thoughtful. I meant to do it for every shower I was invited to. I have done this exactly zero times. Oooops. But this does allow me to do it for my kids and no one will have any clue that it was me and not the Easter Bunny - except for my eldest but that’s a whole other blog post.

So, I have been scouring the internet to find the greatest things to stick in this cute basket (and that we don’t already have in our kitchen).

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Egg Peeler 

Egg Timer 

Square Egg Fry Rings 

Egg Bite Makers  (they love the egg bites from Starbucks)

Kids Garden Kit 

Risewell Cake Batter Toothpaste 

Chocolate Golden Egg and Bunny 

Spring Confetti Mix from Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn  

Fortnum and Mason Cold Brew Iced Teas 

I know, I know, toothpaste? But it was my eldest’s suggestion and she was very confident that her youngest sister would love it! This is the fun part about having a kid who is in on things – I get to pick her brain on all of this and she is quite pleased with herself when her sisters are shrieking with excitement over the things she helped pick out! And they’re big lovers of iced tea – so fancy iced tea just for them was an easy addition.

The only other thing going in there is an Easter dress for each one from The Middle Daughter for each of them to wear to Grandma’s later in the day.

What to put it all in? Well, I don’t know about you but I am tired of both the cheap little Easter baskets and also the fancy ones with my kids names embroidered on them. We have an unacceptably large collection of both. For the past two years, the Easter Bunny has brought one big basket, and everything is to share except a few things that are labeled. So this year I am going with the Cloud Floor Basket which can live in my youngest’s bedroom and corral her stuffed animals after Easter is over.

It’s tricky because I can’t shop my own store for these kids and keep up my Easter Bunny disguise. Which is a bummer because I have cute things that I would absolutely put in their baskets! All the new bath bombs from Feeling Smitten. Oh my goodness gracious! Nailmatic is pretty much made for Easter Baskets too. I love that their polish is water soluble. As I may have mentioned a million times before, I am not into messes. So I was delighted when I found nail polish that just washes off. “Can I paint my own nails?” Why yes, yes you can. Little plushies – corgis dressed up like frogs, rabbits dressed up like easter eggs. Golden egg surprise balls, giant Easter cornucopias, necklaces from Gunner & Lux, pretty much everything Ooly makes, Mad Mattr, and the sweetest E is for Easter books for the little ones.

Sigh. I get excited by the Easter baskets I help build for other people. Though part of why I like doing my own each year is getting to find new lines to bring into the store. Like this new cotton candy line I just found. . . .    more on that soon!

A find from year's past - this GORGEOUS lollipop company! A Secret Forest. She does custom work, people.


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