Utter Nonsense - The Hilarious Accent Game

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The Hilarious Game of Voices and Accents!
The phrases are funny all on their own, but add an accent or funny voice, and it's Utter Nonsense!
Here's a sample phrase:

No, Taylor, I cannot just shake it off.

Funny, sure...but now read it like a Pirate! Or, maybe read it as if you've just inhaled helium. How about as an old grumpy man...how would that sound?!

The best part is that EVERYONE playing has to read their phrase in the same type of voice or accent, so you all are in it together! Though, the Nonsense Judge is gonna choose which of you do it best, so maybe it's every player for themselves!

  • Combine silly voices and accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous!
  • All players except the judge have to use the same accent/voice, so you are all in it together! Best of all is that many accents/voices can be interpreted differently, and that adds to the hilarity!
  • For example, maybe the accent/voice card is Baby. So, how's your baby voice, huh? Go ahead...think about it. Funny, right? Now do that voice and say one of your phrase cards, like: "He's gotta lotta sass for a skater boy. See ya later, boy." Even funnier!
  • All players have to use the same accent/voice card that's drawn, but you get to choose which of your phrase cards you use! You just want the judge to pick yours as the best!
  • It's a fun, laugh-out-loud game for 4 to 20 players, ages 8+
  • Includes 50 accent/voice cards and 450 phrases
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